Wednesday, May 24, 2006

They Stole My Name

Mon O'Boy am I pissed! Someone has stolen the name I was going to use! Penn Jillett, of Penn and Teller comedy magic team, has just named his baby boy Zoltan Penn Jillett. It is a good, common, Hungarian name that means "chieftain". Now I am not saying that I would name my child this - I would have to shell out a lot for the poor boy's therapy once he hits junior high. No, no, no, I have always wanted to name my dogs Zsolt and Zoltan. They sound like the names of Norse warrior gods. You know, the kinds that throw lightening bolts and rip seams when they flex their bulging biceps. Dobermans and Rottweilers would deserve these kinds of names. Now My Sweet wants to have two big dogs as well, but being the lovable geek that he is, he wants to name them Chewie and Indiana. Maybe if one of them is blond and shaggy, maybe. But that is a big maybe.

Since I am on a roll with irritating things, since when have we, in our common day language stopped using the word healthy and substituted it with healthful? It seems like I woke up one day a few years ago and the word healthy ceased to exist. We now have healthful diets and swimming is a healthful exercise. I am not all that fixated on health per say, but it seems like discarding a perfectly good word.

And while I am at it, I want to know who decided that dandelions are evil weeds that need to be exterminated? Come on, they are cheery, bright yellow flowers that make dandy teas and wines (get it, dandy/dandelions). And you get the delightful pleasure of blowing the puffy white seeds. "Now just a darn minute," you may say, "Dandelions are incredibly invasive plants that will take over your entire yard if you let it." This is true, but can Morning-glories and mint plants, and you don't see commercials with Mr. T selling you mint extermination chemicals, now do you?

Any way these are just a few of my musings.


dotkat said...

Boy! That made me think of the Ray Bradbury book, "Dandelion Wine". I love his books! And I always wondered what dandelion wine tasted like. And nothing says you can't still name your dog Zoltan. You could even name one of them Moxie Crimefighter....

doodah! said...

Oh man, that sucks about Zoltan. For what its worth, I will make sure to tell everyone that that famous guy is copying you. Well, and he's trying to be all trendy by naming his kid something wierd. Which, by the way, *I* thought of first. In highschool I had this whole thing about naming my kids things like "Doorknob" and "Water Heater".

I am part of the "healthy" campaign too. It was probably the brain child of some exhausted, overworked PR person hopped up on caramel machiatos, trying to think of the word "healthy," for an article, but morphing it into "healthful" instead.

Kat said...

I love the names of dogs and I think you can still use Zolton just don't introduce him to Penn. And Really what do you expect from someone whose daughter is named Moxie Crimefighter. The kid is lucky it was Zolton apparently it could be much worse.
I like the puffy white balls that dandelion become that to me is a sign of natures silliness because who among us can resist blowing all the seeds and making a wish.
Got some giggles and loved the link to Thor you know the Norse Gods have a special place in my heart.