Monday, May 08, 2006

My Celebration of Time

Just recently my birth month passed. Now I do not actually celebrate my birthday all month long, but I used some of my gifts this weekend, so this opening seemed like a decent segue into this topic. Actually it woudl be a leade into the the topic, not a segue. Anyway, I was very blessed with three very different and wonderful celebrations this year.

Celebration 1: THE FAMILY
Just before my birthday my family came from a tri-county area to take me out for a great dinner. My sweet mother got me a fabulous leather jacket. And true to her form, as I tried it she went into detail about what a beyond amazing deal she got on it. (A $200 value for less than a hard cover book - way to go Mom!) My very Talented Sister has made me something, which should be finished soon. If not it will make a very lovely Labor Day gift. But one of the best gifts was to see one of my students working his tail off at the resturant, being the responsible and respectable guy that he can be.

Celebration 2: THE TRUE BLUES
Every 2nd Saturday My Sweet and I go on a city wide art walk and even have a few favorite artists we talk to each time. (Check out Lora Watts and Dianne Poinski) I got to wear my very hip and metropolitan leather jacket when my true blue friends went with me this time and humored me as we went to several different galleries and admired the art, marveled at the pretentiousness, or mocked those pieces where you say, "Oh my gosh, what was the artist thinking? Was this made by a Muppet on crack?" Then we went to dinner and I got more presents: a huge and fully loaded crochet basket from Wildly Creative Woman, a set of water color supplies from Refreshing Sunshine, and a gorgeous hippy artist's style bag from Fellow Fanilow. This weekend I nearly finished making my shawl from Creative Woman's basket, and did some just for fun watercolors.

Celebration 3: MY SWEET
Just a bit later My Sweet took me to our well loved spots in my favorite city of San Francisco. With my new bag I looked very much the hippy chick. We enjoyed good weather, sights and food. We also spent too much money at the greatest used record store in the universe.

All in all it was a very great way to spend time celebrating life, friendship, family, creativity, and of course a fabulous bargain.

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