Thursday, May 04, 2006

New Things

Yes, spring is here so of course everyone and everything is just oozing the symbolism of new things (hence the snappy name of this posting). Plants are sprouting in our garden, just starting to peek out of the ground. The sun is actually up and cheery when I take off at 6:30 AM for school. And we as a school are gearing up for a move to a new cite and revamping for a new way of doing EVERYTHING next year. Of course we are doing this as we are winding down this year.

Speaking of school, I have another great former student story. (Check my Sunshine post to remind yourself of how a student made me cry, but in a good way.) These stories can be few and far between, so I am going to milk them as much as possible. Today after school Another Student came by because his girlfriend is getting ready for graduation. We stood outside for a bit and I asked him how his plans for culinary school were going. He told me that he was working and putting away money each month for school. Instead of working in the fields or construction like many of my students do, he is employed at a mental health facility working "with people who talk to themselves all the time, or cut themselves" as he put it. He really enjoys what he does, feeling like he is helping others. He also said he has a deeper understanding about what we teachers do, and all the crap we have to put up with.

My dear friend is starting a new chapter of her life. For twelve years she has had a feline companion at her side. He was there through crappy family stuff, moves, college, and healthy break throughs. But now he is gone and she wrapping up one chapter in her life and getting ready for a new one. She is handling it incredibly well, but it is hard because we friends want to just gobble up the pain and spit it into the ocean. But we can't, we can just let her know she is not alone.

Just an FYI, this same friend is helping me figure out some of the fine-tuning of the blogging world. Have you noticed that I can now do links? Stay tuned for more changes in the future.

Well, that is all for now. It is late, and I need to be sure to get a hot bath and a full night's rest before facing my students again. Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!!!!!

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