Saturday, May 27, 2006

Duck Bill Butt Boy

Friday night was another great example of why I love living in my town. It was a girls' night out. After a dinner of BBQ and potato salad with wasabi mustard and no dill pickle, Refreshing Sunshine and I went to see a local band playing in the Plaza. The handbill said that the band played folk music, so Peter, Paul, Mary and Joan, here we come ready to find answers in the wind and give peace a chance. It turned out that the folk songs were actually from around the world with a strong Swedish and Brazilian slant. And there was quite a bit of mumbling banter that would end with something like, " I thought I'd write a song about it."

The thing I like best about doing local shin-digs with Refreshing Sunshine is that we both love people watching, and our town can get very Stars Hollow-ish in that there is an eclectic congregation of people being themselves. The most outstanding person of the evening was Pink Sari Woman. She was an older, Caucasian lady dressed to the nines in a bright pink sari. This woman had massive surges of energy and would dart about the entire plaza like she is trying to catch up with a friend she feared hadn't seen her. But she never caught up with these phantom friends. And the thing that cinched the image in a wonderfully contrasting way was that half the time she had a cell phone glued to her ear.

However, the stars of the evening were a ragtag troupe of munchkins getting their groove on. One little toddler was bee-bopping his behind off. And his behind was quite prominent because he had around his waist a visor headband, turned around so it looked like a bright blue duck bill just above his backside. Then there was the 8 year old Choreographer who was running around positioning the other little girls. There was even a point where, I kid you not, she turned to the band and tried to tell them what to play - "Something in three fourths time, and let's pick up the tempo a bit." And finally there was a mass of children who probably started playing Farmer In The Dell, and when the cheese stood alone they all thought it would be fun to stay in a blob and shuffle around the dance stage, with other children globing on even though they did not know why.

As we were beginning to tucker out, we decided to drive home. On the way we saw a line snaking around the movie theater. It only took us a few moments to realize that the Town Geeks were out in force to see the premier of X-men.


Anonymous said...

haha! perfect! I LOLed and clapped my hands at this post! One of the best parts for me was that this band is obviously comprised of economics and anthropology professors. I can't wait until the Urban Professionals play. Sing it with me, na na-na-na na, na-na-na na, na-na na, na-na na...

dotkat said...

Hey, hey, hey! Watch who ya calling a Geek! I love the X-men and consider myself quite sophisticated ;-)
Loved the description of the tots grooving to the music!
When are you going to put a real profile up, maybe a pic? If I can show myself in my big white Easter hat, you could do likewise...(sans the Easter hat, if you prefer)

Just Me said...

Dot, I know you are a sophisticated lover of things that geeks happen to fixate on, but I did not see you standing in line to be the first to see Wolverine.