Saturday, May 20, 2006

Being Human

Sorry that it has taken me so long to write. I have been working on half a dozen speeches for this week’s graduation. I get to stand up in front of a crowd and express how these, shall we say fine young men and women, yeah let's say that, are ready for the next chapter. By the time I get home I am on total computer composition burn out. Below is a blog that I started a few days ago.

Maybe it is the fact that school will be out in 9 class days. (Now it is 7) Not that I am counting down the minutes or anything. I find myself really relishing things that help me be a person before I am a teacher. So if several of my entries seem to go along these lines, sorry but that is where my mind is going. I gotta remember who I am beyond my titles. Here we go, sit back and enjoy.

Last Saturday was another art walk in the nearby Capitol, and My Sweet and I decided to go. We didn't stay long because our favorite local artists were gone. So on the way back to our town, My Sweet reminded me that in the main park they were showing Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. This was the original; sorry Johnny Depp, I have truly loved watching you develop ever since 21 Jump Street, but you are no Gene Wilder. Gene's portrayal was a wonderfully snide remarks about it social ills. I wonder what good ol' Roald Dahl (or Rollie-kins as we close friends like to call him) would put if he wrote the story today. Cell phone etiquette, smoking vs. non-smoking, or doing sweet nunchuks moves.

Well, I still have 3 more speeches to go, so I will sign off for now. But if you click on only one link in this entry, make sure it is this one. I went to a game night and my dear friend did a wonderfully hilarious blow by blow. So check it out.

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dotkat said...

I view the 2 Wonka movies as apples and oranges. Seperate entities. I wonder what Dahl would think of either one? He was a true genius. Part of the allure of his books in their present form are the illustrations of Quentin Blake.