Friday, January 26, 2007

Switchfoot Quiz

I have a few friends who are true fans and I also totally enjoy them. If you haven't heard them, check them out here. I love their philosophy. They are people who believe in Jesus with all their hearts and are seeking to make the world a more positive place. However they do not want to be limited to being a Christian band. Having had to tell students to turn off music that talks about slapping women and beating up police, I am over the moon that there are some bands that they listen to which may encourage them to see the the good things God has put into life.

Your switchfoot song is 68%

Meant to Live, This song depics how we as human were meant to live for some much more and you wonder if you've lost you self!

wich switchfoot song are you
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doodah! said...

I was the same song, just 70%. I think they just pick the first song you select. How did you do, Madame English teacher, with all the typos, etc.? :) I love teenage boys. 90% of the dorky stuff I watch on YouTube is teenage boys being lame. Hilarious!

Summer Rose said...

My first ever song was Learning To Breath, had to go out and buy the cd. I'm not one bit surprised that some christian groups switch over from time to time. Country music does the same now and then.