Thursday, February 08, 2007

1825 Days

The time right now is 6:00 pm. It was 157680000 seconds, or 2628000 minutes, or 43800 hours, or 1825 days, or 5 years ago from this moment that my friends doodah and Fellow Fanilow were doing up my hair and fixing boutonniere bungles.

While I could sit at the feet of those who have stayed with each other for decades, there are a few things I have learned.

1. I totally understand why honeymoons are ideally a couple of weeks long; it takes a good two weeks to be able to sleep the night through. No, not because of that. Every time he rolled over or got restless legs I'd wake up. If I had to get up early in the morning I'd have been a grouchy Grendel, which I was.

2. Love is not red roses. I can buy my own flowers. Instead My Sweet is the one who will go out in the rain to get the car from the parking lot. He is the one who, even though he isn't going to sleep for several hours, would come snuggle with me until I fell asleep.

3. There is something more effective in winning an argument then well timed tears, willingness to give up, temporarily, and the control of the remote.

4. When we were dating, My Sweet often asked me my opinion about things. Now I can say something and he acts as if I am a talking rag doll. The same words come out of my brother in law, neighbor, mechanic or recycling collector are not only pearls of wisdom, but down right diamond encrusted crown jewels. So get your recycling collector to tell your spouse what you want them to do.

5. If the crying/remote thing doesn't work twist something they say so you can reply, "So, are you saying you think I am fat?" They have nowhere to stand after that.

6. (I was going for one point per year, but I plan to be married for year six.) PMS and stress at work are no reason to snap at each other. Him eating the last of the good chocolate or putting his Netflix movie above mine - that is when becoming a snapping turtle with lockjaw is constitutional.

So, for people married less than me here are some words of advice (just pretend your recycle guy told you). And for people married more than half a decade, please feel free to leave any gold encrusted pearl of wisdom.

Joie de Vivre ~ A Hearty Joy of Living!


Ariel said...

Him eating the last of the good chocolate or putting his Netflix movie above mine - that is when becoming a snapping turtle with lockjaw is constitutional.

This is a vital lesson, as I've learned in my own marriage. ;)

dot said...

Happy anniversary!!! I had it on my calendar but didn't look at it in time to get a card sent off :-(
Anyway, you are off to a real good start. If you are still alive for your 30th (where Marve and I are right now)we'll take you guys out for drinks. xoxoxox

Just Me said...

ariel - I am glad to know I am not the only one taking notes on this lesson. Any others you have learned?

dot - I love your homemade pieces of art that you send. And I am glad you both were there at our celebration five years ago! And I will take you up on your offer this side of Paradise or the other.

Anonymous said...

Your wedding was the coolest! I still talk about it. And no matter what Your Sweet's reaction was, you were a beautiful bride! Congratulations on five years! BTW I expect a full report on BMG. ;) Love to you both!

dot said...

Boy, reading my comment, I realized a BIG oops! I meant to say if "WE'RE" still alive for your 30th, meaning Marv and me! I fully expect you both to be around...
Chalk it up as another one of those increasingly
occuring 'senior moments' ;-)

Summer Rose said...

Some of the positive things I use to do, was putting a card on ch's window of his truck, when it wasn't raining or I would put it in his truck. So when he would get out of work he would have it.

It's been several years, since I've done anything like this. Being with eachother and watching any type of t.v. show works too.

oldbear said...

Hi Lady, cute post! Thank you for sticking up for decency and fidelity and marriage on Emilys blog.

That was a very compassionate and insightful way you phrased your concerns fo rher. Both Em and BD will benefit from your advice.

Though no prude or absolutist, i have managed to avoid many temptations and be true in all ways for over 18 years of marriage. Sometimes I feel like I am the only kinky person in the blogosphere who finds anything remotely positive about marital, emotional, or sexual fidelity!

OK I exaggerate :-)!

Anyhow, thankyou!
Thank you!

I posted this because I did not see an email for you.

Just Me said...

doodah! I had a blast at my wedding, too. People having fun was my entire goal.

SR - I need to do more thing like that - thanks for the reminder.

bear - thank you for the great complement. It boosts my spirit.

Sherry said...

Hi Girl,

Happy Anniversary. Now you have given me a great idea for my blog on June 12th 2007. Our 10 year anniversary blog of what I have learned...

And what have I learned so far...there's too much to tell. We need to get together for coffee.

Hugs and Kisses