Sunday, November 19, 2006

Girls will be Girls

On Friday I went - would you believe it - to an old fashioned slumber party to celebrate my friend Fellow Fanilow's 36th birthday. It was me, Fanilow, doodah and three other women who I am getting to enjoy more and more.

It all began innocently enough. We all donned our pj's and prepared to go out for Chinese fast food. It's a good thing I had just gotten a new pair of flannels or I'd have been going around town in my dad's old gray super-sized tee shirt and some scrubs pants that a) totally do not match and b) are way too cold for a November evening. Doodah in the past has dressed Fanilow and she was the only one in costume. This year we were being nice and supportive and all going around in our jammies.

After dinner, where the place was packed with pre-weekend folks including someone I work with, we high-tailed it over to the local bowling alley. Again it was packed; anyone who was not at a loud and messy frat party was there at the bowling ally. While waiting for a lane to open, we were being impressed by this young fella doing Dance Dance Revolution. Not only was he getting a perfect score, but he was playing on two-yes count them two - game pads! After exercising our suppressed desire to drive super fast and shoot zombie terrorists, the young man was still at it and didn't even break a sweat. His mother and banker must be proud. The other person worth watching was longhaired air hockey playing dad who bowling was so stylish that he glided across the floor on one knee, ready to pop the question to the bowling pins.

It has been a while since I've actually done any bowling, and a majority of it was in the late 70's when I was a little tyke. The scorecard was done on some kind of overhead projector and you had to write and calculate everything by yourself. You had to remember if a spare was ten plus the next spin or was it the next two? Now everything is computerized which causes two problems. The first is that you can't cheat - no slipping a one in front of your score or marking a strike symbol when it should have been a spare. The second problem is that low techies like me can screw it up in a way that doesn't help you win. While the others were putting on their shoes, I figured I would get a jump on things and input our names. I do not know what I did, but I could only get one name up there. I had to make three trips to the counter where the girl tried unsuccessfully to hide her bewilderment at my inability to accomplish such simple tasks. Eventually she simply put in Player A, B, C, D and E. So we decided to cheer each other on with made up names, so in one round we were whooping it up for Aretha, Beulah, Constance, Dolores and Eunice. The next round was for Agatha, Bertha Jo, Consuelo, Dusty Sue and Elinore.

Well this post is pretty long, so I will put in a To Be Continued...

Joie de Vivre ~ A Hearty Joy of Living!


Dot said...

What fun! I look forward to hearing more! A few of us have threatened to have a slumber party at times, but none of us think we'd last past 10 o'clock...

O272 said...

I loooooove to bowl! I do remember the overhead projector scoring mechanism, but I don't think I'd be able to manually figure it out these days. Need to keep my mind on the game - not the scoresheet! ;)

And Chinese food, too?! That's my kind of slumber party!

doodah! said...

YOU were the Icing on the Birthday Cake. A party is not a party without you, girl!

Dangit - no cheating, that sucks! I didn't even think of that. LOL! Well, I think most of us managed to get 68, right? Anything after that is gravy.

BTW - Paris Hilton would have said your jammies were "hot." ;)

Summer Rose said...

So glad to hear, that every one had a great time. What a cool way to celebrate a birthday in pj's.

Anonymous said...

This was great to read about!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

Just Me said...

Dot - even if the party goes to 9:59, it is worth it. Maybe ask the youth group director for ideas of things to do.

O- I think next time I will spend a longer time tying my shoes until one of the youngins sets things up.

doodah - Your party was DA BOMB! I had a blast.

SR - It was cool, almost down right cold.

Lori - Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.