Sunday, November 26, 2006

Bad Girls, Bad Girls, Wachja Gonna Do?

Well, this entire week I have been struck down with a bronchial infection, so I will continue to write about the only fun night I have had during the week. Therefor it is back to the slumber party. Whoo Hoo!

After the fun and games at the bowling alley, we stopped by the store for some much needed supplies - toilet paper, Oreo cookies and plastic forks. I know what you are thinking - midnight picnic. Wrong-a-rino. Instead we went and ambushed to front yard of the birthday girl's friend. We not only toilet papered the tree, car and front porch, but we also Oreo-ed and forked the place. Now I have done the Oreo thing before. That is where you take off one side of cookie sandwich and press the creamy part against a wall. You can then spell out something or create a lovely picture. Just be nice and don't Oreo someone's car window - the grease from the filling is annoyingly hard to get off. The other thing we did to that poor landscape was to fork it. What you do is take a box full of disposable forks and stick them prong side down all over the yard - making a lovely design if you wish. Hopefully this does a bit of aerating for the lawn. Now do not forget, dear reader, that this happened after 11:00 PM, in the dark of night while the owners were in their living room watching TV. We could have been caught at any minute! The tension was intense!

Mission accomplished, we headed home for drinks! Dolores (or Deidre or Delaney or Dingus) was tended bar and joyfully shouted, "My first blended drink!" To this she quickly added that it was her first time making one, not actually drinking them. Well, for her first one, they were delicious. And we spent the rest of the party enjoying Dolores’s work, talking about life, looking at You Tube and watching two hours of Tony Bandares. Man, did it get hot when Antonio danced the tango. There is a bit more I may have to add to confession. After all that we were all ready for the slumber part of the party.

Now doodah! knows who to put the video on the actual blog, and someday I may figure it out, too. But remember I am the one who screwed up the bowling technology. So instead I will send you to the You Tube cite. One of my favorites from You Tube is the Steven Colbert Light Saber Green Screen Challenge. He shot a clip of him in a light saber duel against a green screen and challenged viewers to create their own clips. Some were pretty funny, so check them out on the side bar. My Sweet's favorite was the one sent in by viewer George L.

Oh, I learned from My Sweet, who makes me swear that he is not a geek, informed my that there is a trick for the shooting video games. Instead of pointing away from screen to reload, all you have to do is put a finger over the sensor, that way you don't have to re-aim. No Sweetie, you are NOT a geek.

Joie de Vivre ~ A Hearty Joy of Living!


O272 said...

Forks and Oreos?

Thanks for the tip! ;)

Hope you feel better soon!!!

Just Me said...

Any time I can give some help. You can ask any person who works with junior highers. They know all the crazy fu stuff to do.

Fellow Fanilow said...

Ah, between you and doodah, my memories are forever documented:-) Sorry for the late comment - I'm terrible at reading blogs. You were a great surprise for me that night and like doodah said, the icing on the cake! I just hope we TP'd the right house...

Just Me said...

Fan, anything for you! If we got the wrong house then maybe they should start some sort of neighborhood watch. That would make us do out sneaking more snealily