Monday, November 06, 2006

Attempting a new post

Well, I have tried several times to post a blog, but each time I tried to publish Blogger shot up a sign that said, "Hey we are screwing up something and have now lost the best post you have ever written." So I am just going to share a few thoughts and sightings. Oh and a spoiler alert for Lost fans who haven't seen last week's episodes or if you don't watch the show - don't read #3.

1) Last week we had our first real rain. On my way home I saw a 50-something businessman riding his bicycle home. Now in my town, which has more bikes than people, it is not unusual to see a person in business casual cycling to work. What was strange is that he had the freshman stripe. College freshmen quickly learn that they need to have some kind of fender or when they ride in the rain dirty water shoots up their backside. And this guy had it bad. Every time he was at a stoplight he would scratch it. Even though it shouldn't, it made me chuckle.

2) What do you do when your doctor calls in sick? I took a very precious sick day, plus stayed way late prepping for my sub. I have nothing more to say about this; it was just a frustration for the week.

3) Here is the Lost bit, so you may want to stop reading. Really, unless you are an up to date fan, stop reading. I can not believe they killed off Mr. Echo! and in such a lame way! Last season he became my favorite character - not including Sawyer whom I like strictly for his bad boy sex appeal. Last year there was a superb episode called Psalm 23 where Echo faces down not only the monster, but also his own struggle with good and evil. But in this one he let evil win, and I am not necessarily talking about the island monster. He was proud, arrogant, unrepentant and he died. Oh, and I do not trust the doctor chick. She is part of the mind game.
The moral of the story is that if the actor who plays you gets in trouble with the law, you will get killed!

4) My husband's friend just got voted off the island. I am actually surprised she made it this far. She is a person who wears her heart on her sleeve, and that does not bode well in this show of alliances and selfishness. So now we no longer need to watch it, that is until the last episode to see if the cute Asian guy wins.

Well, that's all folks.

How have you all been this week?

Joie de Vivre ~ A Hearty Joy of Living!


O272 said...

Mr. Eko's early demise threw me for a loop, too!

I think you're right about that Other chick, too... She can't be trusted! That was good, though, when she played that bit on TV. I didn't see that coming!

(Real rain? We've been getting real SNOW! Aaaack!!! Not ready for winter!!!)

Confused Husband said...

If you really want to call what we had last rain that is. Down here about 35-40 miles south of you we had a few light sprinkles. That was about it. Now we're back in the warm weather again. When is winter going to get here anyways? I'm not supposed to be sweating in November!

Just Me said...

O - we miss out on snow in the California Central Valley. Our Winter Wonderland is artificial ice near the capital for skating. Bundle up and keep warm.

I think the "Dr. Chick-o" did that not because she really feared Ben - though she does not like him, but because it is a mind game to get Jack to sympathize/become attracted to her.

CH - I knwo it is warm, but looking in the paper this should change soon. Enjoy the outdoors while you can.

O272 said...

Did you watch Lost this week?! Aaaaack!!! How am I gonna wait 'til February now?!

Just Me said...

O - I know! Jack won't let him die, but man. And do you think they are really on another island? I don't. On the day of the crash how could the Others get there so fast and blend in if they had to take a boat to get there. But the question is will Kate and Sawyer believe it? I already miss Echo!

O272 said...

I'm thinking it's an island shaped like a it just looked like it was another island... Yeah, I'm over thinking!

Is that Alex chick still out there? I'm sure she can help them. (We're all in agreement that she's the French chick's daughter, right?)

Just Me said...

O- I agree on both parts. Although I an not sure if Alex and her boyfriend are on the side of the Others' mind games or, being the younger generations (and thus not necessarily buying into the "utopia" idea) and really want out. You should check out Dot's comments about Lost at