Friday, October 20, 2006

The Smells of Today

What a day today. It started out with me loosing my cool during second period because for the second day in a row people let off stink bombs! Second day in a row! This time we did not go outside to work. I made them stay inside and work - if you could call what we actually accomplished that day work. It is a small school (48 kids total) so I know the students will find out who did it. In fact I am sure that the culprit is sitting at the lake bragging about how he - trust me, it was a he - was able to make me blow my top. I just hope that the students stuck in the stink will use peer pressure to get them to knock it off!

But the day ended with our first graduation of the year. Five young men have completed all their requirements to earn a high school diploma or completion certificate (this is for kids who meet all requirements except for passing the high school exit exam). Each student has a staff member give a speech about him. One student made sure that in his speech he said that he was sorry for giving a particular teacher a hard time. That particular teacher was - you guessed it - me. A dozen students looked over at me gave me a smile and head nod.

I know this speech should make everything all right. It should. Actually it did help because I could tell that he was sincere. But it doesn't quite. I had to put up a lot of crap from him, and from others who decided to follow his example. Why couldn't he have figured this out weeks or months before he left?

Well, we will see how things air out on Monday.

Is it bad that I know how many days of classes there are until Winter break?

Joie de Vivre ~ A Hearty Joy of Living!


dotkat said...

My brother is a music professor at a junior college in Illinois and he knows from day one of a semester how many days there are until break! Quite a few of his students start out taking his classes to meet general ed requirements and think "Oh, music! A "gimme" class!" He sets them straight on day one, which is why the count begins there...

doodah! said...

Great post. Sigh. If I had a nickle for every thing I should have figured out sooner...

What's that line from _Return to Me_ ?(Imagine Carol O'Conner's old man Irish brogue) "It's the character thats the strongest that God gives the most challenges to. Now you can take that as a compliment."

You rock!

(So, how many days?)

Summer Rose said...

{{Hugs}}, I know those kind of smells. Talk about horriable, I think that's when I wanted to be home schooled. I was very shy, didn't really talk to anyone and I felt like a little fish in a big pond.

At least he got his act together, those are the one's that we pray for that they will continue to strive on the right roads.

lori said...

My goodness! I am sorry to hear what a n aweful day you had.

Just Me said...

Thanks for everyone's encouragement! It is truly appreciated and heartening.