Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Ballet in the Sky

This is ballet that even manly men would enjoy.

This past weekend My Sweet traveled down to San Francisco to watch the high light of Fleet Week - the Blue Angles. Now I am not one of those people who hyperventilate at the idea of spotting an A-10 over head. Heck I probably couldn't differentiate between that and an AK-47. But My Sweet does, so we went.

The Blue Angels were Amazing! It really was ballet in the sky! When they were in their famous diamond formation, they were as close as 18 inches apart! And they flew with such precision and grace. It took my breath away.

What takes your breath away?
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doodah! said...

They are phenomenal. Usually in their shows they have one moment that is a memorial to those lost in action, where they fly in formation and one plane leaves the group. That always moves me.

O272 said...

They practice over my house. Scares the hell out of me! The kids love it, though!

plainandsimple said...

We have "Red Arrows"...but "Blue Angels" is a nicer name!

Summer Rose said...

I've always wanted to watch those planes in action. I've seen pics that is about it.