Monday, September 11, 2006

Remember and Make This Day Count

Today is a day of remembering. We remember those who died: people who thought it was a regular "let's go to work" day, people who knew they were heading into danger, people who have sadly died in bombings and battles everywhere.

We also need to thank and pray for those who still continue to serve, honest cops, firemen and protectors. These are men and women who every day come to work not knowing if they will lose a limb, their sanity, or their life. So please, when you see a hero, show them your appreciation.

My Sweet does a nice job of describing our experiences that day. He has never been a flag waver for either of his counties, but because of that day he searched for something to express his connection to America. Please check out his post.

Mourning for those who are gone is the necessary yet depressing part of this day. There is so much more. We are fortunate enough to be able to breathe and live. We can tell those close to us that we love them. We can stop and smell the roses, watch a sunset and grow as people. One of my students today asked me, "Why do we always wait until after someone has died to try to be nicer and enjoy life?" This is a time to examine our life and world. Are we living it to the fullest and are we making it the best that we can. I read a story to my class today about a man whose brother was a lawyer working near the Twin Towers. This brother had been an EMT at one point and borrowed a medical bag and went to help. They found the bag and brother six months later. As a result David Paine and his friend Jay Winuk have started a campaign to make September 11th a time to volunteer. This could be anything from taking your great aunt out to lunch or working for the Red Cross. Please go to and see how you might take up your part of the burden and joy of making this world more like the paradise God intended to be.

Joie de Vivre ~ A Hearty Joy of Living!


doodah! said...

I love the idea of making today a day to volunteer. I remember the amazing outpouring of people who wanted to help - blood, money, manpower. The firefighters and police officers who came from all over the country to help their brothers. Regular Joes and Joannes who quit their jobs to go do something. Anything. Peace to you.

Susan said...

Brilliant idea.

Maybe next year we can get 2,996 people to volunteer in the name of 911.

Just Me said...

I think that would be brilliant