Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A Red Day

Today is red. Not the red of passion of garden ripe tomatoes, unless it is a tomato thrown passionately against a crumbling school wall. It is the red of rage, against students who take and take and when you can not give anymore they cuss you out for not helping. It is the red of a desert, from an administration that demands more on fewer resources. It is the red of eyes from a person who wakes up weary. I am weary today.


doodah! said...

Oh dear friend - I am sending you some calm, soothing blue - the blue of morning glories and forget-me-nots and bachelor buttons; the blue of pretty patterned china on a white table cloth; the blue of the ocean in those postcards from Greece; the blue of the summer sky at Yosemite. Blue to you, dear girl.

Flippant said...

UGH! I remember all too well the red days or teaching. These are some days. Except, last time I was a working girl, I was in the "administration" and got to instead by red about the people that simply didn't appreciate all my hard work for them. I hope tomorrow is a little more like pink.

plainandsimple said...

Deep breaths and "wipe your feet". Those students are panicking and want someone to blame for their own lack of study and self control...along with their parents you are that person!

If they haven't worked then they only have themselves to blame, you provide them with the knowledge, you can't do the work for them so stand your ground.

Give them the opportunity to start again, but with the proviso that you expect them to work their behinds off. If you don't think they're working let them know.

THIS IS NOT YOUR FAULT. Teachers have to put up with all manner of rubbish and you've got my sympathies! Stay strong and look after yourself.

Just Me said...

Thank you dear ones for your encouragement. Today was still crimson, but there is maybe a patch of blue in the horizion. And tomorrow is Friday.

O272 said...

If I didn't know a teacher IRL, I would wonder what you had to complain about. People get the idea that teachers have it made with summers off and all that. I did, too, for some time...until my SIL set me straight! ;)

I still gotta say that I'm tired of signing papers! I assume that's to make sure parents are paying attention, but sometimes I get writer's cramps!

Hope tomorrow is a better day for you!

Confused Husband said...

I think we're both seeing the same colors. At the same thing too. School. Just for different reasons. Hope things get better for you tomorrow.

Ellessar said...

RED - the blood of angry men! (Les Miz)

A sword-day! A RED day, ere the sun rises! (Theoden, marshalling the Rohirrim in ROTK)

Very poetic Trace and I'm lame for being nearly a week behind and now reminding you of that awful, awful day.

And now the cold medicine kicks in...