Saturday, July 05, 2008

Greetings from the Land of The Rising Sun

Greetings from the land of Freshness Burgers, Happy Drugs store, and actual customer service. Yes, we as a family have ventured to the Land of the Rising Sun to take Baby-san to meet his paternal granny. There is a whole post on the whole hanging with the in-law who is a first time grandparent, but I need a break from all things baby.

I just love coming to this country! When you can't speak the language, and especially can't read anything, you have time to observe random things around you. The other day we were walking to the market and I spied this sweet little old great-aunt-Flora type hobbling down the lane. She has probably never had anything more dangerous on her person than a pair of worn knitting needles, and yet she was sporting a sweater adorned with a black skull that had its eyes X-ed out.

Here you also can not assume anything concerning taste and style for gender or age. I saw a very expensive grave marker for a venerable husband and wife who passed on at a ripe old age. How does their family distinguish their spot? By the three foot statues of Snoopy and Hello Kitty.
There will be more coming soon. Sayonara

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doodah! said...

Yay! Love your Japan posts. Thanks for the July 4th greeting. It was a fantastic long weekend, with 4 fireworks experiences. A weekend of sparkles!

Summer Rose said...

...And she is back! I've always wanted to go to Japan. I once had a pin pal from there we lost contact years ago. I often think of her and Japan.