Sunday, May 20, 2007

Technical Dificulies

Sorry I am not posting much this week. Because of a little incident involving a cup of coffee and the motherboard, my laptop is in the shop getting overhauled.

Insurance always puzzles me. If my computer had worn out, the warranty would have covered it. So why doesn't insurance cover stupidity and acts of God? Isn't that why we get insurance, to cover accidents?
#$%^@$^%#$T$#^# That is what I think about insurance right now!

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Summer Rose said...

Aaawwww hun sorry to hear about the spilling of coffee on a computer. We'll be here when you get back to normal again.

dotkat said...

You want to hear about stupidity and insurance?? The only reason I had my knee replaced when I did was because my insurance wouldn't pony up for the hylagin shots that would've extended the life of my knee for at least a few more years. Instead, they paid THOUSANDS for me to have the knee replaced! After the surgery, I asked the doc how my knee looked, and he said I could've gotten a few more years out of it if it hadn't been so painful. Another one: Marv's mom is on MediCal and they won't pay for her to have some much needed dental repair work done. She has pretty much all her own teeth still. What MediCal WILL pay for is BIG bucks to have all her teeth pulled and dentures put in! Explain that one to me!