Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mom's Lessons

Five things that my dear sweet mother taught me

1.Never put housework before family, friends or a good book. Keeping up appearances is for lonely people who do not know how to keep up with friends. Plus, I remember my mom quoting some of her philosophy:
I am hoping that the kids will get fed up with living in a dirty house and vow to never let their own house get this way. I am hanging with my friends for you.

Well, the dust bunnies I am raising for pets attests to the success of this.

2.You can stretch a bottle of shampoo by adding a bit of water to it. This is particularly useful when the kids use like a quarter cup of shampoo with each lather, rinse, repeat.

3.Elementary school plays and high school concerts are worthwhile events.

4.You can do things without asking Dad, as long as you can convince him that he gave his permission before hand. Just be careful about getting caught, especially bringing home the puppy your middle child whined for, or he will remind you about who is responsible for years to come.

5.One of the best ways to serve God is to serve people. Sending a bit of gas and 20 minutes giving someone a lift, listening while they need to vent, and sticking in an extra casserole in the oven for someone in need is a part of being the person God created you to be.

What have you learned from you mom?

Joie de Vivre ~ A Hearty Joy of Living!


Sherry said...

My mother taught me to always think positive thoughts, even when you are down. She also taught me how to cook, which amazingly enough--helped me to snag my man--who had never had a woman cook for him before. (He had be wallowing at Taco Bell and McDonald's before he met me). One taste of my fetticinci alfredo and he was hooked!

Summer Rose said...

My late mom taught me, that good thing will come to those who wait for them. Kindness comes from those who show it, she had a lot to give. Never did I see her ask for anything from us kids. Of course there were a few times that I let her money because she was short in her bank account. Someday I'll do a post.