Saturday, December 16, 2006

Putting on the Ritz

Did you know that the father of Everyone Loves Raymond had John Lennon for a best man? Or that as a young man he was a monk? This was a man who turned down the lead role in The French Connection because he was being type cast as the tough guy, and he was impressed by Gene Hackman's performance.
This weekend I will have to watch Young Frankenstein and While You Were Sleeping.
Rest in Peace Mr. Boyle.


Anonymous said...

A true blue actor, one that will be missed for many of his outstanding performances and some that were just a little on the weird side.

O272 said...

I only knew those things because I read an article about him the day he died. He was a phenomenal actor...and from what I read, a good man!

doodah said...

This is almost as sad as when the actor who played Mathew in Anne of Green Gables died in real life.

OK - favorite quotes:
Frank Barone: "I'm here, and I'm wearing my stretchy pants!"
Ox: "We read the Sun Times, Amen."