Monday, August 21, 2006

All's Faire

My Sweet, who is not a small town boy by any means, humored my by taking me to the county faire. Bless his heart! He was a good sport.

There is nothing like a county faire. It's an open house for the entire area. Not showy, like the nearby State Fair, but one where you go to check out which high schooler grew the biggest heirloom tomato, what place Aunt Mildred's double dutch chocolate pound cake got, and of course the corndogs!

And let me tell you, the true goober time to go is Saturday early afternoon. The cool kids won't bring their dates there until after dinner, so it is mostly young families, senior citizens, and every FFA member in the entire county. I mean WoW! We watched a bit of the auction going on, and I do not understand how the auctioneers keep their lips from bursting into flames. I was a bit nervous in case I had to itch my nose nose - I may have ended up spending three hundred buck on a goat.

But the real action was the main stage. At two o'clock we got to watch performances from Miss Whaterdoozit's school of dance. Six-year olds tap dancing their little hearts out! Gotta love it. My Sweet was a little disparaging about it, but when our kids are up there, he is the one who will be there with the latest of recording devices to capture every moment.

So, if you haven't made it out to your county fair yet, go out and enjoy where you come from. And have a corndog on me.


JenniferAnne said...

OUR kids?! wink, wink

doodah! said...

Oh Just Me, I so wanted to go with you! My original plan was to call you after work one day and just take you myself. But alas. Things crept in,a nd I was gone to SF on Saturday afternoon. I knew you would be the perfect person to experience a county fair with. Sigh. Next year.

Just Me said...

doodah! It would have made the afternoon complete to have you there. My Sweet was trying hard not to die from small town "boredom".

Just Me said...

wellspring tea: let's just say My Sweet and I are enjoying ourselves right now.