Sunday, April 15, 2007

Only The Soul Can Perceive What the Eye Sees

I am finally back. So much of what I was writing was either rushed or trite. It got tiring. I would love to say that I put a self-imposed hiatus until I got inspired or emotionally and spiritually refueled. That is partially true. I was tapped and writing anything beyond drivel was too much work. So a combination of lack of inspiration and laziness has kept me procrastinating until suddenly an entire month has gone by. I have to remember the advice of many professional writers - that they set aside time every day to write - even if they do not feel inspired. So, while I am going to try and minimize the drivel, I am going back to the discipline of posting weekly, starting today. The title of this post came from a sign in Yosemite - one of the most beautiful places God ever His mark on.

On our second day there, My Sweet and I went on a hike to Vernal Falls, and this was our first real hike since the onset of winter. The walk was glorious and a challenge at first. But I felt pretty good because I was keeping up with a couple of very fit 20 somethings. At first. By the end of the first leg I had dad's carrying toddlers passing me up. But a sweet East Indian granny and I were going neck and neck.
The next leg of the trek was only 0.3 miles to the falls. I figured there was no problem - it is more than that when I walk from my house to the neighborhood grocery store. No problem, right? What that little trail sign did not mention was that the 1/3-mile was practically straight up. You may be thinking to yourself that is no big deal. Well imagine this: you decide to go check out the view from the top of the Empire State building - and take the stairs! I do not care how buff you are, by the fifth floor you'll be huffing and puffing.

Even the bundle of energy 5th graders, who had zoomed by earlier, needed to stop for breaks. They were talking so seriously about their video games, getting quite philosophical. Discussions of all things electronic was acceptable for them to do in the midst of glorious beauty - they were eight years old and didn't know any better. This was not acceptable behavior for the full grown adult a few feet above talking on his cell to his wife and children three floors behind us. Not only is using a cell phone on a hike ascetically and dare I say morally wrong, but hey Mister if you get distracted on these mist covered pillars of death you'll slip and come crashing down on me.

The trip up to the fabulous falls took like about 5 hours. The trip down could have been 15 minutes if I just stopped, dropped and rolled - like Dick Van Dyke taught me back in the day. Instead we took a longer loop down that was 1.6 miles, but was a cakewalk. And now I need to go soak my aching body in a nice hot bath.

Joie de Vivre ~ A Hearty Joy of Living!


d said...

I think I've been very patient. I'm glad you're back and
refreshed. I'm glad you had a good time in Yosemite. And yes, I agree that
cell phones are wonderful in an emergency, but NOT for idle chat when you're
amidst God's wonders. BUT IT'S VEGAS I WANT TO HEAR ABOUT!!! I know that
what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, but hey--we're buds, right? right?
Even if you don't want to blog about it, I'd sure like to hear any juicy
tidbits you'd care to pass on. And my lips would be sealed. Promise. Pinky
D (see, I can be discreet even in the use of my name!)

Just Me said...

D, I have a possible post about taxes, and then there will be the Vegas Baby! posting.

Summer Rose said...

Awww yes, how well I know those trails, in Yosemite. Every spring my neighbors would take a bunch of us to Yosemite, we would take a long our bikes and ride around on the valley floor, then watch rock climbers make camp at the side of the mountains.

It's good to have you back, I was beginning to think you had closed up shop and not say a word to no one.