Saturday, March 10, 2007

Drowning at the Lake House - Whoa!

In the spirit of February, My Sweet and I rented the sappy romantic movie The Lake House that once again paired the adorable Sandra Bullock - who I think would have made a wonderful elfish princess in LOTR - with award winning Keanu Reeves. Yes, I am relatively certain that Mr. Reeves won the "Largest Number of Emotions Attempted With One Tone" prize. He also was the recipient of the 2000 "Surprising Inability to Damage the Matrix.” Mr. Reeves as also achieved the Grand Masters level of the use of the phrase "whoa” as in, "Whoa, I know karate." (The Matrix) Or, "Whoa, I look darn good strolling through mist covered grapevines." (A Walk In the Clouds) And finally there is, "Whoa, I just made a deal with the devil so I can be in a Shakesphere movie." (Much to do About Nothing)

Now don't get me wrong, there are several things I appreciate about Mr. Reeves. First of all he is a very pretty man. He wasn't kidding about looking good in A Walk in the Clouds. In addition, my favorite high school comedy of all times is Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure - it way beats the pants off of Mike Myers' Wayne's Word. He was good in Parenthood, he was the same character but with a real girlfriend. Speed was his pushing the envelope role as the mono-emotional cop who would risk messing up his hair in order to save the lives of the innocent. But seriously, that is it. Every few minutes of the Lake House had me writhing on the floor because this role called for more emoting than what King Whoa could give. I could go along with the suspended belief of time traveling love letters. I could even put up with the predictability of the ending. But add to this Keanu's emotional stuntedeness, well it is a trifecta that I just could not handle.

The next week we rented United 93, and I was overcome with realization that the real life professional air traffic, who played themselves in the film, were showing a greater variety of believable emotions than Mr. Keanu Reeves.

On a more cheerful note, if you are a fan of The Office - check out Dwight and Michaell trying to bring sexy back.
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