Thursday, June 22, 2006

Find The Theme If You Can

Today I have a lot of random things I have going through my mind to put down on paper (so to speak). I do not know if there will be any big connecting point, but by the end of this column, who knows.

I have been carpooling to a conference with a bunch of people I didn’t really know, and they fascinating. I have gotten to know a man who calls himself a Left-wing Bible Thumper. LWTB prefers to wear organic cotton, peppers his speech with Yiddish or Greek mythological vocabulary, and rides his bike the 20 miles to work rain or shine. He is one of those rare people who is a critical thinker, who does his research, has strong opinions that he is willing to share, however he is never pushy and actually has two way discussions. He has also published several books, one of which is said to, “resonate with theological mischief, moral depth, and literary joie de vivre,” (I had to look it up, and it means a hearty joy of living – I love this and must find a way to incorporate it even more in my life!)

When I was camping with My Sweet, we had nightly campfires, usually fueled by downed pinecones. Usually they got so hot the tips got so hot they were white. In the deeper crevices were canyons of creamy crimson. It made me think, “The people who made those fake frosted trees back in the 60’s, this is what they should have been going for.” There is something innately beautiful about contained danger., immense passion. To me this is what Christmas is about, immense passion contained and beautiful.

Summer Solstice: Week my Grandpa and his Honey came out from Arkansas to visit, so we were all together and telling family folklore. However, I can not tell you any of these because we, my sister Lucy Van Pelt and I, are going to use some of them in my Dear Sweet Mother’s birthday game, so you will have to wait until next month.

Well, that is all I have time to say right now. Well, actually I have the time, but my butt is asleep so it is time for me to go.


Dot said...

OK, who's the Bible thumper and what's the title of some of his books?? Sounds like interesting reading! If you don't want to say his name here, just email me. I'd really like to look this up.

doodah! said...

I liked "theological mischief" myself. I totally agree about the glowing pinecones. They are beautiful. I liked "creamy crimson." My favorite camping thing is watching the fire. I can stare at it for hours. I like that your family got to have some good PHC, Norweigan story-telling - "... no, no, it was a pontoon boat." :)