Thursday, April 20, 2006

Here I Am

-Ok, so now I have finally done it. I have gotten plugged in, tuned in, and turned on. I am jumping on the blog bandwagon.

Why am I doing this, you may ask? A very astute and profound question that has several answers. The most shallow of them being that everyone I know is doing it ~ including my dear friend and role model Refreshing Sunshine, and my Sweet who speaks English as a second language for goodness sake. Other motives are keeping touch with friends and family, venting frustrations of the day, or writing down things that may someday turn into something more lucrative (Dave Barry is my hero on this point). Mostly it will be me jotting down my musings of the day. I want to be more disciplined about writing for the "public" so you should get at least 2 entries a week, but really I will try for 3.

So here are a few musings I had during the non rainy part of Spring Break. I love visiting Santa Cruz, CA. People just try to be themselves, even if being themselves is being a poser. For example, I just love that at one of the beaches a mom let her 5 year old dig sand castles in a plastic purple tu-tu.

We also went to a beach that is some kind of let-your-dogs-run-and-be-free park. One handsome dog had a tennis ball in its mouth while possessively guarding a second one. It tried desperately to put them both in its mouth, but that was physically impossible. So basically it was wasting a perfectly good ball that another dog could have played with. Plus, it was so busy guarding the second ball that it couldn't run an play catch with the first one. It just stood there slightly frazzled. One could easily jump into the metaphor that it was acting so "like a man" possessive, protective, blah blah blah blah, but this happened to be a female, and isn't it so us, too. So busy holding on to too many things that it interferes with fun.

Well, that is all for now. I am going to try and post this and see how it goes. I am not all that technologically hip, but My Sweet says he will teach me how to do links and other cool stuff. So thank you for reading this; I hope you enjoy it.

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doodah! said...

YAY!!! Welcome to the blogosphere - we need your way of looking at the world! Whoopah! Are we gonna have some fun now!